Telephone Interviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Our telephone interviewing centre based in Swansea makes calls from 01792 828958, 01792 674980, 01792 348614 or 01792 824661.

We understand that many people are reluctant to answer calls from numbers that they don't recognise, so we have prepared this FAQ page for people who receive a call from us and then search for 01792 828958, 01792 674980, 01792 348614 or 01792 824661. It explains who we are, why we are calling and will hopefully answer any other questions you may have.

Why am I receiving calls from 01792 828958, 01792 674980, 01792 348614 or 01792 824661, who are you, what do you want?

This number belongs to Opinion Research Services (ORS), we are a social research company. If you received a call from us it is likely to be a customer satisfaction survey or other research for a police force, fire and rescue service, a local council or other public sector organisation. It may be an invitation to participate in a consultation exercise such as a focus group.

I don't want to take part in your research, why do you keep calling me?

We hope that you find taking part in our research a rewarding process. Most people are happy to have the opportunity to make their views known but nobody is obliged to take part. Getting a high response rate to our research projects is important to us and our clients so we will try calling each number we are given a number of times but not more than twice a day. If you answer our calls we will explain the purpose of the call and if you do not wish to take part just say so, we will not pressurise you to take part and we will not call you again. However, if you do not answer our call we will assume this is because you are not available and will in most cases try to call you again at a later time.

I’m registered with the TPS / ex-directory, you shouldn’t be calling me!

Calls made for the purpose of research are exempt from TPS (Telephone Preference Service) which only applies to sales and marketing calls. Further details can be found on the TPS FAQ page from which this is an extract.

"Will registering on the TPS stop market research calls?

No, market research calls are not covered in the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 therefore companies conducting these types of calls are still allowed to call a TPS registered number. If you do not want to receive such calls, inform the caller to remove your details from their call lists."

The numbers we call are either from client supplied databases, randomly generated or from commercial sources of numbers who have consented to receive this type of call. We do therefore include ex-directory numbers in our samples and no regulations prohibit this.

Where did you get my number?

The phone numbers we use are either provided to us by our clients, for example if you have recently had dealings with your police force they may have asked for your permission to pass us your number to do a follow up survey. Other phone numbers are either purchased from commercially available sources or randomly generated.

Do you make silent calls?

Some call centres use a technology called predictive dialling where calls are placed by a computer before there is an agent ready to take the calls. This can lead to people receiving silent calls. We understand this can be irritating so we do not do this, no call is placed until an interviewer is ready to speak. We do not make silent calls.

You called me at 8.30 in the evening, couldn’t you call at a more sociable time?

We generally make our calls from 2pm - 9pm on weekdays and 10am - 6pm at weekends. We find that the best time to catch people at a convenient time is in the evening. We follow Market Research Society guidelines and never call people after 9pm at night. If you do wish to take part but we’ve caught you at an inconvenient time, our interviewer will be happy to book an appointment to call you back at a time of your choice.

Who regulates you?

We comply fully with regulations and guidelines from all relevant regulatory bodies including Ofcom, the MRS (Market Research Society) and the IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme). We are registered under and comply fully with the Data Protection Act.

You called and got through to my answer-phone, why didn’t you leave a message saying what you want?

In many cases we are bound by the Data Protection Act which means we can only discuss the purpose of our call with the particular individual we are trying to contact. If we left a message on your answer-phone and the message was picked up by somebody else this would be a breach of your privacy.

I don’t want you to call me again, who do I call to have my number removed?

If you do not wish to take part, that is fine and we will not pressurise you to do so. Please be aware however that we run many different telephone projects at the same time and often we do not know the names of the people we are calling. If you do not wish to participate, please wait until we call you again and tell our interviewer you do not wish to participate. They will be happy to record this and we will not call you again. If you do not wish to participate in any ORS research projects, you can email your name and telephone number to and request that your number is excluded.

Is my data secure?

ORS is registered under the Data Protection Act (DPA) and has comprehensive information security policies and procedures to ensure that any information you provide us with is secure. We have extensive property security including CCTV and electronic passes to our offices; as well as stringent practices that prevent unauthorised access to our computer systems. Additionally, our staff all sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that your information is not shared with any third party without your consent.

This page hasn’t answered my question, how do I get in contact with you?

You can contact our main switchboard during office hours on 01792 535300 or email - please note that we run many telephone projects at the same time, so we may not be able to confirm which project you have been selected to take part in, but we will answer any other questions you may have.