Operations Team

Richard Harris

Richard Harris

Richard works on a range of primary datasets, as well as preparing samples and producing scripts for gathering survey data

Ian Woodward

Ian Woodward

Ian has extensive field management experience, ensuring that fieldwork is always undertaken to the highest quality standards

Leanne Hurlow

Leanne Hurlow

Leanne provides a wide range of administrative support to the operations team and field based interviewers and surveyors

Richard Harris - Senior Analyst

BEng Materials Science and Engineering

Richard’s role includes preparation, validation and integrity checking of primary datasets for a variety of projects. It also includes sampling for projects using a variety of sampling strategies and producing the scripts used by the CATI (telephone) and CAWI (online) systems as well as providing support in the questionnaire design process.

As a Data Analyst, Richard has worked on a wide range of primary datasets including PLACE and other local government framework surveys; surveys for Police including APACS and Local Confidence Surveys and surveys for the Fire & Rescue Services. His responsibilities on recent Home Office APACS surveys have included sampling, the exclusion process, data cleaning and coding and the production of various reports for individual clients and the Home Office through the maintenance of a rolling SPSS dataset.

Ian Woodward - Survey Manager

Ian is a well respected and highly experienced stock surveyor that has been a member of the surveying team for the English House Condition Survey (now the English Housing Survey) for many years.

Working as a Survey Manager, Ian has extensive field management experience and he routinely ensures that fieldwork quality is maintained and that surveyors and interviewers are fully trained for the specific needs of each client. He has managed the successful delivery of hundreds of fieldwork projects (including many Private Sector Stock Condition Surveys) for a wide range of local authorities and other public and private bodies. Many of these surveys have involved large-scale random samples requiring in excess of 10,000 completed surveys, gathering data from both physical inspections and through detailed social interviews.

Ian has a comprehensive understanding of the technicalities associated with undertaking physical housing surveys and is also a qualified Domestic and Commercial Energy Assessor. He regularly undertakes training on many aspects of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) including inspections, assessments and enforcement; the Decent Homes Standard; the Welsh Housing Quality Standard; and best practice and options in improving energy efficiency in housing, including training to collect the data necessary for RdSAP dwelling assessments.

Leanne Hurlow - Fieldwork Manager

NVQ Level 2 Administration

Leanne manages the interviewer and surveyor fieldwork teams. Her main duties surround the day-to-day running of surveys and fieldwork projects. This includes preparing paperwork for surveys and packs for fieldwork staff; dealing with enquiries from interviewers and members of the public; processing pay invoices for field and call centre interviewers; booking hotels for interviewers working away on projects and opening and processing returned mail.