Introducing Opinion Research Services

Man presenting business card ORS was founded as a social research organisation within the University of Wales Swansea in 1988. After 10 years, ORS became a University spin-out company and since then has retained its research orientation while developing a UK-wide reputation.

95% of our work is for the public sector and we have a social (rather than market) research orientation. We provide a comprehensive service upon which clients can rely. We offer a genuine research service without being unduly commercial. Senior staff are directly involved in projects throughout and clients can call ORS without feeling the clock is running.

From our foundation in 1988, we have grown steadily to a turnover of over £2.0 million and have substantial financial resources to guarantee our stability and a series of long-term public partnership contracts with a wide range of public bodies. ORS does not maximise its turnover but focuses on delivering thoughtful work and providing added value.

Company Mission

ORS’ mission is to provide excellent applied social research for public, voluntary and private sector organisations across the UK.

Excellence in our case means using our distinctive research orientation and expertise as a university spin-out company to meet clients’ needs:

  • Offering rigorous applied social research to provide reliable evidence, insights, evaluations and policies
  • Giving honest advice based upon relationships of trust
  • Ensuring good value for money

ORS’ key aims are to:

  • Meet the increasingly exacting service standards expected by our clients
  • Provide both good value and competitive prices
  • Provide our staff with a supportive but challenging working environment that encourages them to take responsibility and develop their skills and talents
  • Promote equal opportunities for all staff, clients and stakeholders
  • Grow incrementally without chasing turnover in order to protect staff employment and generate adequate profits without being unduly commercial

Our Team

ORS is able to undertake the largest and most technical quantitative studies while also having the expertise, interest and resources to undertake far more specialised qualitative projects.

ORS comprises a full multi-disciplinary Research Team of colleagues, all of whom have a serious interest in social research and are committed to bringing rigorous statistical and IT methods to bear on important social issues. We are not a loosely organised group of associates or external consultants, but a permanent team committed to the long-term excellence of our work.

Our staff cover the whole range of social studies disciplines and also statistical and econometric analysis, and database design and management. Our expertise covers statistics, census and other data analysis, project management, computer programming, software development, housing strategy and management, economics, psychology, philosophy and politics. In addition, our Business Team has extensive business experience.

We do not outsource work and in particular maintain our own permanent Operations Team in order to offer good value and quality control. We directly manage an independent team of experienced field interviewers and are able to deliver projects across the UK. Our social research operations centre has the technology to manage all forms of data collection, including electronic capture of postal questionnaires and CATI systems with capacity to deliver over 70,000 telephone interviews annually.