Personal Interviews

Writing using pen and clipboard Opinion Research Services (ORS) has the capacity to undertake fieldwork without recourse to using sub-contractors and has built up considerable experience of managing large-scale data collection projects. Our field-force covers the whole of England and Wales.

Our expertise and capacity is illustrated by our housing needs projects, which typically involve 2,000 to 3,000 face-to-face interviews using long, detailed questionnaires. Over recent years, ORS has routinely averaged over 15,000 detailed face-to-face interviews per year across England, Scotland and Wales.

ORS completed 7,350 interviews across South East London (Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark) to inform the South East London Strategic Housing Market Assessment. These half-hour interviews were conducted with a randomly pre-selected sample, and response rates typically reached our 65% target with over half of all interviews conducted outside normal working hours.

Our Operations team regularly manage projects of this scale – including the Greater Norfolk Housing Requirements Study (where we interviewed over 5,000 residents and conducted 3,000 physical stock surveys), West Cornwall Housing Requirements Study (where 5,000 households were interviewed) and South East Wales Housing Market Assessment (which involved more than 6,000 interviews).

We also undertake an annual tracker survey for Hertfordshire County Council. This in-home face-to-face survey with 1000 residents is around 20 minutes in length, using a methodology that enables reliable comparison of results with previous annual surveys. The fieldwork is typically completed within 4-5 weeks.

ORS was also awarded a contract with Suffolk County Council to undertake a booster sample for the British Crime Survey. This work involved ORS undertaking 1,500 interviews in-home face-to-face with residents across the County. ORS had to develop a complex sampling regime that enabled results to be compared with the strict Home Office guidance and enabled integration of results with the previous providers data. In addition, this work needed to be undertaken to extremely tight timescales – award and fieldwork completed within only 3 weeks.

We also undertake face-to-face interviews on-street. One such project is the monthly survey we undertake for Swansea City Council. This looks at a number of factors which influence visitors to the city – in particular parking, cleanliness, facilities, community support, special events etc.

In addition, we routinely undertake on-street recruitment of residents both for the Council panels we manage and also for focus groups across the UK.