Citizens' Panels

Group of people sitting around a desk Over a number of years, Opinion Research Services (ORS) has worked with Local Councils, and other public sector bodies, to develop Citizens’ Panels that can provide cost effective routes to timely consultation. ORS can manage the whole process from recruitment of the Panel through to on-going quantitative and qualitative consultation; as well as day-to-day management and regular refreshment of members.

Although postal recruitment has historically been preferred as it reflects the likely future engagement of panellists, ORS has recently introduced a “90:10” recruitment policy and recruits "hard to reach" members on-street. We find this much more cost effective for clients and ensures a better spread of panellists.

We can also recruit panellists via the telephone and will also build specialist panels – such as stakeholders and young people - using a range of methods.

Online Support

Our panel management database provides an online tool for clients allowing direct observation of the Panel clearly highlighting areas where the Panel is out of balance with the census. The tool can also be used to preview the effect of retiring or recruiting panellists allowing targeted recruitment of required demographic groups.

Once survey results are available, they can be accessed through a secure client area of the ORS website. The website provides access to documents associated with the surveys such as the questionnaire, reports, results documents and raw datasets. In addition, clients are able to undertake further analysis of information online.

Finally, ORS has systems in place where Councils who wish to manage part of the consultation processes can update their own Panel details through a secure online weblink to ORS’ Panel database.