All-Wales Evaluation Support to the
Welsh Assembly Government Inequalities in Health Fund Projects

Under a four year framework agreement to the Welsh Assembly Government, ORS provided evaluation and research support to 62 Inequalities in Health Fund research projects. This all-Wales project involved a wide range of innovative and experimental health promotion projects targeting, for example, coronary heart disease, diabetes and lifestyle issues across Wales. During the four years of the contract, ORS gave continuous support to middle and senior clinicians and managers on a wide range of health promotion projects across the whole of Wales.

The contract covered providing research and evaluation guidance in relation to medical ethics, research design, questionnaire and survey design, sampling, qualitative research, report writing and evaluation. Our work involved providing guidance on:

  • Research and evaluation design
  • Applications for ethical approval
  • Design of research instruments
  • Implementation of research protocols
  • Design and management of databases
  • Data processing and weighting
  • Preparation of interpretative evaluation reports

Preparing recommendations for the Welsh Assembly Government on overall and project-by-project progress.