Working with Registered Social Landlords

Housing Estate ORS offer an extensive range of housing research services to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to support their strategic thinking and help deliver innovation in service solutions.

Our approach is based on evidence – drawn from a variety of sources including, surveys, secondary data and qualitative research. We use these creatively to support RSLs in delivering their services effectively and economically, in consultation with their local communities. We also assist RSLs to develop their approach to new regulatory requirements and to base this in evidence.

The familiar Housing world is changing quickly and the new Government is committed to change - we aim to work with RSLs to meet the challenges of the new housing environment.

Understanding the Regulatory Framework

The Regulatory Framework for Social Housing in England (2010)

ORS can support RSLs to meet their regulatory compliance requirements for the New 2010 Framework. Our particular focus is on Standard 1 (tenant involvement and empowerment) and Standard 4 (Neighbourhood and Community).

We can provide evidence and analysis to strengthen your activity, using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, which can develop your strategic thinking and inform decision making. We can work with you to show how you can promote social, environmental and economic well-being.

Modern Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations in Wales – Delivery Outcomes (2010)

As a Wales based company, ORS are keenly aware of the differences in culture and tradition between the principality and England, and the distinctively Welsh regulatory approach is welcome.

We have worked with a number of Welsh RSLs for many years and can offer a range of services to support you in meeting your regulatory requirements. Our approach is primarily focussed on helping you develop a strong evidence base from a variety of sources – surveys, secondary data, qualitative techniques - and to use our experience to help you engage effectively with tenants and service users. We can also help assembly evidence to support contributions to wider achievements - for example, in Children and Young People, Health and Well Being and Sustainable Communities.

Developing a Strategic Approach to Information and Data

The new Regulatory Code includes suggests a ‘sophisticated approach to using information to assess the market, inform wider policy and to inform the regulator of any compliance issues’.

ORS can work with you to build a fresh approach to information and develop your strategic approach. Information and data is available in many forms – internal, secondary, primary, qualitative – and we work with you to draw this together into a robust evidence base that can inform your strategic thinking, clearly and simply.

ORS has extensive experience of demonstrating how RSLs both contribute to the Localism Agenda and deliver for wider partnerships, especially Local Strategic Partnerships. We look at neighbourhoods ‘in the round’ and highlight where they are successful or less successful. We can also highlight where Partnerships should focus their activity, and where different agencies need to work together, to develop successful neighbourhoods.

Approaches often include housing, but also focus on working with young people, developing the local economy or tackling deprivation.

Working with Tenants and Customers

Our Public Services are undergoing a steady transformation away from one based on ‘passive recipients’ of services, to services that acknowledge the key role that ‘engaged customers’ can play in service development and sustainable outcomes. Customers expect much more from services than in the past - they are better informed, more aware of their rights and much more active than ever before.

We work with you and your customers to consider how services are received, how co-production of service design can be facilitated and how co-operation between service providers and customers can benefit service quality.

STATUS Surveys

Most RSLs carry out STATUS surveys, but how many use this wealth of evidence effectively? ORS have developed a unique analysis service which uses current and historic surveys creatively. We can analyse geographically and thematically, and identify the relationships that exists between survey opinions and identified external influencing factors. An important part of our approach is the ability to ‘drill down’ and consider small estate and schemes at the very local level.

Research Projects for RSLs

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Measuring the Housing Association contribution to local communities

NCHA and Longhurst Housing Group logos An important study which considered the relationship between what RSLs invest in a community and the subsequent outcomes for Local Strategic Partnerships. The study was able to demonstrate correlations between what RSLs do and National Indicator outcomes, providing detailed Neighbourhood Profiles to benchmark how quality of life for RSL communities compared against similar areas elsewhere. Read more...

Coastal Housing STATUS Surveys
Coastal Housing logo ORS has been working in partnership with Coastal Housing (and formerly Swansea Housing) for a number of years. We have conducted a range of proejcts, including periodic tenant satisfaction surveys compliant with the requirements for benchmarking against the standardised STATUS survey.

Knightstone Housing Survey of Internet Usage
Knightstone Housing logo ORS was commissioned by Knightstone Housing to survey their tenants about their current and planned use of the internet both in the home and elsewhere. The survey also gathered views about the Knightstone Housing website and suggestions for future improvements.

Midsummer Housing Association STATUS Surveys
Midsummer Housing logo ORS has undertaken the STATUS survey for Midsummer Housing Association over a number of years alongside a range of other research projects. For the STATUS survey, standard questionnaires are distributed to all of their tenants and an alternative questionnaire is used for the large number of residents living in shared ownership properties that the association manages.

Guinness Partnership House Condition Survey
Guiness Trust logo Working in partnership with Countrywide, ORS has recently undertaken a house condition survey on behalf of the Guinness Partnership. Properties were surveyed from selection of schemes across the UK to inform wider analysis about the landlord's portfolio of housing in these areas.